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Location scouting with Tama Coordinations Inc. to find locations along Abraham Lake for a Japanese tv show. Unfortunately we had a late freeze this year, making it for a challenging day with only a few centimetres of ice on the lake. Thanks to Travel Alberta for their support with this adventure.
Location Scouting - 20181227-006-2Location Scouting - 20181227-007Location Scouting - 20181227-010Location Scouting - 20181227-015Location Scouting - 20181227-018-2Location Scouting - 20181227-018Location Scouting - 20181227-023Location Scouting - 20181227-026Location Scouting - 20181227-029-2Location Scouting - 20181227-032-2Location Scouting - 20181227-032Location Scouting - 20181227-037-2Location Scouting - 20181227-052-2